Rampion’s first operational turbine named Veranzio

Rampion Offshore Wind Farm’s first operational turbine in the array off the Sussex coast will be named Veranzio Turbine, after nearly one thousand people in Sussex voted this week.

Veranzio Turbine was suggested by the Year 7 eco club, EcOathall at Oathall Community College, Lindfield, near Haywards Heath in Mid and West Sussex.

Fausto Veranzio was a Croatian inventor interested in science and engineering. In his book Machinae Novae, published in 1616, he described one of the first ever wind turbine designs. He also wrote about solar and water energy, designing a mill driven by tides, built the first ever parachute and was truly ahead of his time.

“We are delighted to have a really worthy name for the first operational turbine at Rampion and would like to thank everyone who suggested some fantastic names and all those who voted this week,” said Katie Scanlan, Rampion Visitor Centre Manager.

The five shortlisted names were revealed last Monday [December 6] and included The Martlet, already a familiar symbol of Sussex, appearing on the county flag; The Knucker, the Anglo-Saxon word for ‘water dragon’ which legend says can be found in bottomless pools of water known as a Knuckerhole in Sussex. The other two names shortlisted were Revolution, suggested by Graham Bradley from Peacehaven and Hopewas proposed by several people in Sussex.

Out of 953 votes this past week, Veranzio Turbine got seventy per cent of the vote. His name will be put up on the turbine and the Year 7 eco club at Oathall Community College will be given a goodie bag.

The Rampion Visitor Centre was opened in September, bringing to life the story of climate change, renewable energy and our planet’s future, as well as covering the planning and construction of the offshore wind farm.

The Visitor Centre is part of the £4million Rampion Community Fund, voluntarily created for the Sussex community. It is now open for pre-booked visits at https://rampionoffshore.com

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