British Airways i360 lighting switched on


Last night the ‘breathing’ lighting on British Airways i360 was switched on for the first time, bringing the final touch to the spectacular new Brighton beach attraction.

David Marks of Marks Barfield Architects, which conceived and designed British Airways i360, said, “The concept for the lighting at the top of the tower is that it ‘breathes’, gently increasing and decreasing in intensity at the average rate of a human being breathing at rest.”

The overall effect of the lighting on the tower and viewing pod together emulates British Airways colours of red, white and blue. The tower colour bursts and pod lights switch on at sunset and off at midnight every night, while the aeronautical safety lighting will remain switched on at all times.

Lynne Embleton, British Airways’ Director of Strategy and Managing Director at Gatwick, said: “The tower will be a beacon for the city, and it is fantastic to see it lit with the British Airways colours. We look forward to welcoming visitors from around the world, both on our flights and in beautiful Brighton.”

The lighting is concentrated at the top of the tower, fading as it descends to the level of other buildings. Four white lights shine from the top down, accentuating the vertical slots in the tower’s cladding. Twenty-four coloured LED lights sit between the steel structure and its cladding, providing a subtle glow coming through it.

The tower lights, designed by Do-Architecture, can be programmed to display a range of options for matching colours and patterns of light to support important city and global events, from festivals and launches to memorials and charity days.

Continued David Marks: “The lighting is designed to be flexible so that colours and effects can change to reflect events and moments that are important locally, nationally or globally. The lighting can be designed to sparkle, scintillate, shimmer, or glow. The range of possible effects is absolutely brilliant.”

The first will be Brighton Pride, when the attraction will be lit in slowly revolving rainbow colours to celebrate the occasion, starting tonight.

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